Tequila may be best enjoyed by itself, but did you know that it pairs well with other food? Here are some ways on how you can pair our Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo tequila with some dinner favorites you can prepare right in your home.

Gran Coronel Blanco

Our Blanco tequila isn’t aged, so it goes perfectly with lighter foods such as fish and vegetables. And because it doesn’t overpower your meal, lighter tasting food is easily elevated to the next level.


Blanco is best paired with: tacos, fried chicken, raw seafood, salmon tartare, and pasta dishes (mostly aglio olio for lighter flavor)

Gran Coronel Reposado

If you love spicy foods and meaty flavors, then our Reposado is the best pairing for your meal. Aged for 6 months in American or French oak barrels, the natural agave flavor balances well with the wood it’s aged in.


Reposado is best paired with: mac & cheese (a household favorite), pizza, cooked veggies, pork dishes, chicken, and steak

Gran Coronel Anejo

Our Anejo is aged for the longest time for at least 20 months. Because of this, it creates a deep, rich flavor profile that pairs best with red meats and expensive desserts.


Anejo is best paired with: steak, burgers, flan, chocolate desserts